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A Legacy of Faith...

“A bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone that isn’t.” Charles Spurgeon

I never got to meet this man, John H. Fergeson my grandfather, as he passed away when my own father was in between being a boy and a man. My mom gave me this as she went through my fathers things recently.

I don’t know if it is tattered and torn from age or use, but I assume it’s probably a combination of the two.

I don’t know much about him outside of a few things my father told me through the years. I think it was always a difficult subject for him to talk about. I know his brother was a missionary in Africa for many years and he started a school there. Their parents setup a scholarship at Howard Payne University.

It’s interesting to me the legacy we can leave behind without ever realizing the impact we have on future generations.

My son won’t get to know my father except through the stories I tell and the memories I can relive for him. I am thankful for a legacy of men and women behind me that loved the Lord and instilled that in the next generation.


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Everyone wants to win...

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